Jamie Adkins clowns around in Circus Incognitus

February 5, 2016

River Run Centre presents virtuoso circus performer Sunday, February 21

GUELPH, ON February 5, 2016 – Experience an unforgettable one-man circus comedy when River Run Centre welcomes virtuoso performer Jamie Adkins in Circus Incognitus on Sunday, February 21, at 3 p.m. The Main Stage performance is presented as part of the RBC Showcase Series.

An eclectic clown, juggler, balancing artist and multidisciplinary acrobat, Adkins offers a poetic performance that displays the full range of his talents in Circus Incognitus. Things go awry for his character, who encounters unhelpful props when attempting to present a new show he’s proudly created for the audience. His ladder disintegrates under foot, he wrangles an animated chair, negotiates a precarious slack wire and juggles just about everything. And that’s just the beginning of the fun.

“This agile, endearing man generates plenty of laughs as well as audience identification,” The Times said of Adkins’ performance in Circus Incognitus. “It adds up to a lovely hour of physical comedy.”

Adkins first began developing his clowning skills as a street performer in San Diego, where at 13 years old he delighted passersby. He later performed as part of San Francisco’s Pickle Family Circus, before joining Montréal’s Cirque Éloize.

He became an integral member of the Cirque Éloize family of artists, distinguishing himself in more than 500 performances of the show Excentricus, as well as more than 200 performances of Typo, a show he created and toured internationally.

An expert at comedy born of desperation, Adkins’ presents a humble and unguarded performance in Circus Incognitus, taking his audience on an unforgettable journey. You’ll find out why he’s won adoration from critics and audiences alike during his River Run Centre performance.

“Mr. Adkins has actually fulfilled the promise of ringleaders everywhere,” said the New York Sun. “It’s a show for all ages.”

Tickets to see Jamie Adkins’s Circus Incognitus start at $24 for adults and $22 for seniors. Tickets for children 14 and under cost $20. $20 uGO tickets are available to university and college students with valid ID. $5 eyeGO tickets are available to high school students with valid ID. Tickets can be purchased at River Run Centre box office, 35 Woolwich St. in Guelph, by calling 519-763-3000, or online at riverrun.ca/circus-incognitus.


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