Co-operators Hall Technical Specifications


Stage Dimensions

  • Overall Room Dimensions – 44 feet 6 inches wide by 54 feet long
  • Performance Space – full theatre seating – 31 feet wide by 17 feet deep
  • Grid Height from Stage Floor – 24 feet

Stage Floor

The stage floor is constructed of maple, painted black, and sprung. Lagging or screwing into the floor is not permitted.

Soft Goods

  • Legs – (4) 24 feet high by 12 feet wide black velour – 0% fullness (used in house plot)
  • Borders – (2) 4 feet high by 46 feet wide black velour – 0% fullness (used in house plot)
  • Traveller – hung against back wall – (1) at black velour 50% fullness; (1) at purple velour 50% fullness
  • Acoustic Curtains – hung in (4) separate pockets on side walls – both black and purple velour at 50% fullness

Stage Accessories

  • (28) 4 foot by 8 foot Wenger versatile staging platforms (each requires 6 legs)
  • (108) 8 inch legs – 18 risers
  • (72) 16 inch legs – 12 risers
  • (26) 24 inch legs – 21 risers
  • (38) 32 inch legs – 6 risers
  • Skirting for 8 inch and 16 inch leg heights
  • Caster set to create an 8 foot by 8 foot by 16 inch rolling riser
  • (6) 8 foot safety rails; (6) 4 foot safety rails
  • (4) 16 inch stair units; (2) 24 inch stair units
  • (1) Acrylic Lectern with microphones

All stage accessories are shared with the Main Stage and subject to availability.


  • (1) Steinway grand – Model B
  • (1) Wurlitzer upright – suitable for rehearsal only

All piano tuning must be arranged by the River Run Centre. Please contact the Supervisor of Technical Services if you would like to schedule a tuning or enquire about current rates.


Loading Docks

There are two loading docks located at the rear of the building. Each door is 94 and a half inches by 106 inches and is equipped with a hydraulic leveler. The loading dock doors are approximately 110 feet down a service corridor to Co-operators Hall. Loading dock levelers will only facilitate trucks with a minimum deck height of 36 inches.


Clients renting the Co-operators Hall are entitled to two parking passes for temporary parking at River Run Centre (including any production vehicles). Additional parking can be found in parkades directly across the street, or at meters in front of the Centre.

Dressing Rooms and Facilities

  • Dressing Room A: small dressing room (2 mirror positions) with private accessible restroom with shower
  • Dressing Room B: small dressing room (3 mirror positions) with private restroom with shower
  • Dressing Room C: small dressing room (3 mirror positions) with private restroom with shower
  • Dressing Room D: large dressing room (10 mirror positions) adjacent to Men’s washroom (adjoining door) with showers and Dressing room E (adjoining door)
  • Dressing Room E: large dressing room (10 mirror positions) adjacent to dressing room D and dressing room F (adjoining doors)
  • Dressing Room F: large dressing room (10 mirror positions) adjacent to Women’s washroom (adjoining door) with showers, and dressing room E (adjoining door)
  • Wardrobe Room: located at the end of the dressing room hallway, equipped with washer, dryer, steamer, and ironing board. Wardrobe requirements must be advanced with the theatre prior to load-in
  • Green Room: equipped with comfortable furniture, microwave, bar-fridge, sink, and phone capable of making internal and local calls

Please note that if Main Stage is in use, dressing rooms are limited to (1) large (D-F) and (1) small (A-C), and the green room and wardrobe room are shared space


House Lighting Plot

Co-operators Hall is equipped with an extensive house lighting plot which includes scrollers and LED wash luminaires. Please contact the Supervisor of Technical Services to request copies of paperwork and/or current inventory.

Lighting Control

(1) Strand Pallette VL 16 with wireless remote located in the control room. House lights are controlled via a Strand outlook system. Control pendants are located in the lighting booth, down stage left, and inside the audience entrance doors.

Colour Media and Gobos

Gel and gobo inventory is constantly changing. River Run Centre primarily stocks ROSCO colour. Please contact the Supervisor of Technical Services to check availability. Any additional gel and/or gobos that must be purchased for clients will be charged back at applicable rates.


  • (1) MDG Atmosphere Hazer
  • (2) Rosco gobo rotators
  • (2) ROSCO Vapour Plus Fog Machines

All lighting accessories are shared with the Main Stage and are subject to availability.

Audio Equipment

Front of House Mix Position

  • Digico SD9 console with (32) inputs on stage left
  • All Front of House effects and EQ are onboard
  • (1) Denon DT 610 CD player

Booth Position

  • Yamaha O1V – (12) mic inputs, (2) stereo line in, (4) Aux sends (2) stereo out
  • Denon DN-D4000 Dual CD player with pitch control

Speaker System


  • (4) Meyer UPA 1C – 2 per side
  • (2) EV X-Array 2181 (2 inch by 18 inch) per side

Processing and Amplification

  • (1) EV DX38 digital processors
  • (2) Meyer Crossover
  • (2) Crest CKS 800 amplifier
  • (1) EV P3000

Monitor System

Co-operators Hall provides (2) separate monitor mixes to be mixed from the Front of House console position. If more mixes are required please contact the Supervisor of Technical Services.

Speakers, Processing, and Amplification

  • (8) EV X-Array 1152 bi-amp
  • (1) EV DX38 digital processors
  • (2) Crest CKS 800 amplifier



  • (6) Beta 58A
  • (4) Beta 57A


  • (6) CK91
  • (1) C 535


  • (1) EV ND 308B
  • (2) Sennheiser MD421
  • (1) Sony WRR 800 Wireless Lav


  • (6) BSS Active DI
  • (1) JDI Stereo Direct Box

Video Equipment

Projection Screens

  • (1) Motorized 9 foot by 12 foot front projection screen hung in ceiling against back traveller

Projection and Switching

  • (1) Sony VPLFX40L 4000 Ansi Lumen SXGA projector permanently hung from ceiling
  • (1) Sony VPL-PX10 2000 Ansi Lumen XGA projector available for other locations
  • (1) Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio switcher


  • (1) HHB Pro DVD Player
  • MacBook Pro with QLab ver.3 (subject to availability)