Guelph Dance Festival Promotional

Guelph Dance Festival: Stage B with After Party

Guelph Dance Festival Promotional
Date & Time
  • Saturday, June 6, 2015
Ticket Prices
(Before May 30 at 6pm)
$28.00 Adult
$15.00 Student
$15.00 Senior
(After May 30 at 6pm)
$30.00 Adult
$25.00 Student
$25.00 Senior
Co-operators Hall
35 Woolwich Street
Guelph ON
N1H 3V1

Guelph Dance Festival: Stage B with After Party

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Presented by Guelph Dance:

Photo Jody Oberfelder Projects (left) by Jim Coleman
Photo Tentacle Tribe (right) by Belinda Lawley.

This high-energy show provides a taste of the goings-on in the contemporary dance world.

Jody Oberfelder Projects
New York, NY
The Brain Piece, Premiere

Choreography: Jody Oberfelder
Through a choreographed experience bridging art and science, this work examines how neurons that wire together fire together. Jody Oberfelder Projects allows audiences to shine a light on their own thinking process, inspiring connections within the thinking body. This is a culmination of a residency with local artists, so come see some familiar faces!

Tentacle Tribe
Montreal, QC
Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid, 2014

Choreography: Emmanuelle Lê Phan & Elon Höglund
In a delectable fusion of music and movement, the magnetic duo invents a geometry of harmonious urban contemporary dance, inspired by the fluid movements of diverse land and sea creatures.

Another Surprise Piece

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Please remember that everyone must have a ticket to enter the theatre, including children and infants. Please call the Box Office to order (infant tickets not available online).

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