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James Hill and Anne Janelle promotional

James Hill and Anne Janelle

James Hill and Anne Janelle promotional
Date & Time
    Main Stage
    35 Woolwich Street
    Guelph ON
    N1H 3V1

    James Hill and Anne Janelle

    January 16 to 18, 2018

    Grades 3 and 4

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    Pre-show Information for Teachers

    Canadian Folk Music Award-winning ukulele and cello duo James Hill and Anne Janelle have brought their warm, crystal-clear sound to audiences in 15 countries. The pair’s outstanding vocals and unique playing style combine to create a performance that showcases memorable songs, stories and musical virtuosity.


    Questions/ Suggested Discussion Points

    What are the two things required for an instrument to make sound? (A vibration and a resonance chamber)

    A vibration is a sound wave moving back and forth from its highest to its lowest point. Slow vibrations produce a low note and fast vibrations produce a higher note.
    Ukulele and cello are stringed instruments – their sound is made from a stretched string (which produces a vibration).

    Pitch is the highness or lowness of a sound. How does the size of an instrument affect the pitch?

    Longer/ larger instruments produce lower sounds; smaller/ shorter instruments produce higher sounds. The long thick strings of a bass fiddle vibrate slower and produce lower notes than the short strings of a violin. Small instruments produce more rapid vibrations and have a higher pitch than larger instruments.

    James Hill and Anne Janelle are a duo of contrasts, from their backgrounds in jazz/ blues and classical training, to their instruments. James plays the ukulele, strumming high, short notes, while Anne ‘s cello radiates the melody with long, low notes. Listen for these contrasts during the performance.

    This presentation is made possible in part by a grant from the Ontario Arts Council’s Ontario Touring program.

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