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Robert Post

robert post promotional
Date & Time
    Main Stage
    35 Woolwich Street
    Guelph ON
    N1H 3V1

    Robert Post

    February 10 to 12, 2015

    Grades 3 and 4

    Learn more about our Linamar for the Performing Arts school program.

    Actor, puppeteer, juggler, ventriloquist, stand-up comic, and improviser extraordinaire, Robert Post is a one-man variety show. Through meticulously crafted routines to freestyle improvisations, Post shares what it means to be wonderfully alive and human, not only keeping audiences riveted by what he’s doing, but also wondering how he’s doing it.

    Information for Teachers

    About Robert

    • He was born in Columbus, Ohio
    • His grandmother inspired him to break into spontaneous song and dance at a very young age
    • In elementary school, his teachers didn’t fully appreciate his vivid imagination, as he was always in a fantasy world during math class
    • Today he performs his one-man variety show for children around the world

    About His Art and Craft

    Robert is celebrated for the inventive way he uses body language, masks, music, and his trade mark comic genius to create a host of unforgettable radical characters. His performance is a one-man variety show called POST TIME.

    He has developed a loose, playful approach to performance that invites audiences to participate in his zany world. He describes his performance style as a charismatic comedy feast that unleashes the imagination and defies description.

    Post Show Discussion

    Ask your students to name all the different theatrical techniques used in the show, such as:

    • dry humour
    • mime
    • juggling
    • ventriloquism
    • comic timing
    • rapid fire character changes
    • satire
    • ense of the absurd
    • roles for different body parts

    See Robert’s STUDY GUIDE for more information

    School Program Coordinator

    519- 837-5662 extension 2291
    [email protected]

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