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Through the Eyes of a Friend: The World of Anne Frank

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    Through the Eyes of a Friend: The World of Anne Frank

    October 27 to 29, 2015

    Grades 7 and 8

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    Pre-Information for Teachers

    Told through the eyes of Sarah Weis, a fictional ‘best friend’ of Anne Frank, this multi-media stage experience brings the reality of the Holocaust into focus for young audiences. Recommended for fifth-grade students through to adults, this show is a poignant, meaningful way to remember the atrocities of the past, in hopes that they may never be repeated again.


    Living Voices brings “Life to History” through dynamic solo performances combined with archival film that turns history into a moving, personal journey. A unique combination of Theatre, Video, and Live Interaction creates a high impact experience and an unforgettable journey through history.

    See the Through the Eyes of a Friend Teacher’s Guide for more information.

    Questions/ Suggested Discussion Topics

    • How did watching Through the Eyes of a Friend make you feel?
    • Imagine and explore what it would be like to be in hiding like Anne or Sarah: What would you miss? What would you do each day?
    • Imagine you could get in touch with Sarah. What would you want to tell her or show her about the future?

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