Gift Shop

Splurge a little.

On your next visit drop by SHOWCASE, River Run’s lobby gift shop, where nothing is ordinary. It’s a great place to purchase:

  • Exotic jewellery
  • Dramatic accessories
  • Whimsical gift items

SHOWCASE was launched in 2001 by a small group of volunteers, armed with an old display case and a vision to create a unique gift shop in the lobby of River Run Centre.

Tapping into the richness of Guelph’s artisan community, they gathered distinctive items of all sorts, such as pottery, jewellery, bags and scarves to showcase and sell at various events.

Over the years SHOWCASE has evolved into an eclectic boutique, offering an array of exotic jewellery, whimsical gifts and fine accessories. Staffed entirely by volunteers, SHOWCASE operates independently. Each year all proceeds from sales are donated to River Run Centre to support its performing arts programs.

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