Arms Reach by Jenn E Norton

A video installation displayed on microtiles, as part of The Whole Shebang Guelph is open for advance viewing through the month of September:

Advance FREE viewing times are during Box Office hours

September 10 to 26, 2015
Monday to Saturday
11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Closed on Sunday

Jenn E Norton wrinkles time and space with an expert sleight of hand and a whip-smart mind. Both playful and haunting, her video installations trip connections between our bodies and the digital, between dreams and tangible information.

Arms Reach depicts a haptic labyrinth, specifically created for a custom configuration displayed on Christie Digital MicroTiles. Pain, tactility and thermoception are guides in this maze that can only be solved through touch.

Jenn is one of six Guelph-based artists participating in The Whole Shebang Guelph, River Run Centre’s three-year Artist in Residence program with Dreamwalker Dance Company.  Arms Reach has developed out of collaborative processes and features an original soundtrack by fellow Shebang artist Bry Webb.

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