River Run Centre Setting the Next Stage

The River Run Centre deeply appreciates the generosity and support from all of our wonderful donors. Now more than ever, these contributions ensure that the arts are a vital part of our community now and for years to come.

Donors – September 1, 2019 to February 23, 2021

Benefactor – $1,000 or more

James Ford and Brenda Coomber
Dianne Dance
Maida de Stein
Marilyn and Morley Deyette
The Estate of Anne Godfrey
In memory of Ken and Ruth Greenaway

Peter Hannam
Diane Harvey
Bettyanne and Tal MacDonald
Michele and Will Mactaggart
Brian and Anne Wilcock
1 Anonymous

Patron – $500 to $999

Kirsteen Birkett
John and Barbara Buttars
Gary and Wynne Christie
Alan Pickersgill and Lynne Hulley
Harold and Nancy Jackson
Peter Kastner
J.M. Kingdon

Janet MacInnes
Michelle Mohr
Patricia Eton-Neufeld and Gerald Neufeld
Peter and Ella Pauls
Shirley and Larry Scott
Wyndham Art Supplies
1 Anonymous

Partner – $300 to $499

Doug and Lynda Annis
Joyce Baranski
Svea M Bowie
Gloria and Ernie Bradford
In memory of Murray Coole
Norma Coole
Ken and Dorothy Fisher
Margarete Gillies
Nicole Neufeld and Mike Hryn

Katie Saunders and Steven Jacobs
Lind Design
William and Catharine Lord
Pam Burrows and Ben McCarl
Frank and Cathie McCowan
Allan Dyer and Linda Reith
1 Anonymous

Friend – $100 to $299

Tammy Adkin
Don and Marlene Bard
C L Bast
Carole Bates memorial of Don
Vicki Brindley
David and Pat Brodie
Eleanor Burchill
Wayne and Susan Church
Maria Spinato and Joe Colontino
Cindi and Dave Conlon
Stanley Fleming
Treba Garrett
In memory of Anne Godfrey
Dr William K Greenaway
Robert and Sheila Hammond
Wendy and Michael Harmer
In loving memory of my husband Tom Hulland
Mary Calarco and Ian Hurlbut
Alan Jarvis
C.A. Johnstone
Ken and Isobel King
Matthew Lafontaine
Louise Langlois
Calum MacLeod
Mic Mayr
Stuart McCartney
Eileen McIntosh
Eunice McMullan
Sylvia Mollison

Melanie and Paul Murch
Stan and Donna Nahrgang
Leonard Neil and Joan Parker
Charlie Parr
Shirley Perrior
Joe and Margaret Peter
Maggie Purdy
James and Linda Richmond
Rino Salvador
Constantine Saridakis
Janice Schmeltzer
Debra Shaddock
Margo Shoemaker
P Brian Skerrett
Margaret Sodtke
Hugh and Willie Spencer
Walter and Anna Stachnyk
Marion Steele
Dianne and Ray Steinke
Ruth Switzer
Marti and Larry Valeriote
Sya Van Geest
Louise Knowles and Dave VanderBurgh
Rick and Miriam Vince
Vincent and Teresa Wall
Sandra Wilson
John and Sally Wismer
Helen and Richard Wojcicki
11 Anonymous

Supporter – up to $99

In Memory of Doug Bridge
Sarah Jane Burton
John and Aileen Campbell
R Webster and C Carr
Stephen Crann
Vera and Steven Dyck
Elaine Faye
Gina Giuliani
Sabel Greenhalgh
Kassie Jennings
George and Geri Kelly

Marc Lemieux
Alexander and Angela McNeill
Carolyn Rowe
Sylvia and Fred Ryder
Judith Sidlofsky Stoffman
Fran Taylor
Marilyn West
Mr and Mrs B Woodley
19 Anonymous

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