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Guelph Dance Festival: On the Stage

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Presented By Guelph Dance:

Fujiwara Dance Inventions
Toronto, Ontario
Choreographer: Denise Fujiwara

Eunoia is Christian Bök’s award-winning and bestselling book of conceptual poetry. It is built on the notion of constraining language to one vowel per chapter and tells stories in ways that are as pleasurable as they are ingenious. Denise Fujiwara’s adaptation of the book is a multimedia experience of dance, video, music and costume that employs similar constraints in such inventive ways that it has resulted in a groundbreaking performance lauded by audiences and critics alike. EUNOIA takes the audience on a verbal, visual and visceral journey. The conceit of the poem is introduced through games and then builds in complexity with fanciful narratives and semiotic play. Initially the audience grapples with the rich play of words and images, and then as the performance unfolds, they surrender to the surprises and wit that are revealed through layers of meaning in the moment.

Contains mature language and partial nudity. Discretion is advised.


Everyone must have a ticket, including infants and children.

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