Jamie Adkins promotional

Jamie Adkins: A Fool’s Errand

Jamie Adkins promotional
Date & Time
    Main Stage
    35 Woolwich Street
    Guelph ON
    N1H 3V1

    Jamie Adkins: A Fool’s Errand

    April 17 to 19, 2018

    Grades 1 and 2

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    Pre-show Information for Teachers

    Jamie Adkins brings a blend of circus arts, acrobatic skill and comedic talent to his new show, A Fool’s Errand. Adkins crawls, shimmies, sways and stumbles across a swinging rope, exploring the what-ifs along his chosen path. It’s a show that proves every adventure begins with a single step.


    Questions/ Suggested Discussion Points

    The performers in A Fool’s Errand have specifically asked that there be no flash photography, similar to most other shows at the River Run Centre and elsewhere. Why do you think that camera flash is not allowed?

    The flash from a camera or cell phone can be distracting for both the performers on stage, and the audience. And in some cases, the blinding flash could be dangerous to performers such as acrobats, clowns, and dancers who do running, jumping or gymnastic moves.

    What is a “Fool’s Errand”?

    A fool’s errand is a term, or saying, about an activity which is not likely to succeed, or not likely to be useful or beneficial.

    One of the performers uses a “slack line”; what is a slack line?

    A slack line is similar to a tightrope, except that it is flat webbing, about 2-5cm wide. It is often strung between two trees or other poles. It is usually only a small height off the ground (less than a metre). It is not tight, but is slack, so that you can bounce on it like a long narrow trampoline.

    This presentation is made possible in part by a grant from the Ontario Arts Council’s Ontario Touring program.

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