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KC Roberts promotional

KC Roberts and the Live Revolution

KC Roberts promotional
Date & Time
    Main Stage
    35 Woolwich Street
    Guelph ON
    N1H 3V1

    KC Roberts and the Live Revolution

    October 28 to 30, 2014

    Grades 7 and 8

    Learn more about our Linamar for the Performing Arts school program.

    Known as KCLR to diehard fans, this seven-piece band has established a signature sound that integrates the musical traditions of funk, jazz and soul with contemporary influences like hip-hop, house, electronic and drum ‘n’ bass. The group performs with boundless energy, and a driving rhythm that often has audiences on their feet and dancing.


    Discussion Tips for Teachers

    Consider the following questions in a post-performance discussion with your students.

    KCLR has won awards for “best live act”

    • What makes a live act memorable or stand out from any other you’ve seen?

    How did the following aspects of the performance influence your experience of the music?

    • The band’s stage presence and energy
    • The musicians’ banter and chat in between songs
    • How they moved around on stage
    • How the different lighting suggested different moods
    • The kinds of instruments they chose to play

    KCLR is known as a funk band, that incorporates many other elements of popular music. Could you hear any of these styles?

    • Jazz
    • Rock
    • Electronic
    • House
    • Hip-hop

    A few weeks ago, in Toronto, the band shot Drift Away – a new music video that they describe as their “funkiest/danciest set ever”.

    • Would you describe any of the songs you heard at the performance as “dancy”?

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