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2016 Real Estate Pulse Conference

Pulse Conference™ 2016

2016 Real Estate Pulse Conference
Date & Time
  • Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Ticket Prices
$10.00 All Tickets
Co-operators Hall
35 Woolwich Street
Guelph ON
N1H 3V1

Pulse Conference™ 2016

Presented by The Mortgage Centre:

The Real Estate Pulse Conference ™:  Profit and Potential

The Real Estate Pulse Conference ™ is the area’s premier real estate event. If you’re interested in real estate or work in the industry this conference is for you!

This year’s impressive line-up of speakers will share practical and useful information to grow your real estate knowledge and wealth.  Whether you’re buying your first home or are a seasoned real estate investor the conference will highlight where the opportunities exist in real estate.

Mayor Cam Guthrie Promotional

Mayor Cam Guthrie, The City of Guelph
With a change in leadership at The City of Guelph, you may wonder what the short and long term real estate development strategy is for Guelph. Guelph has a good balance of commercial, industrial and residential real estate, but is that going to continue? The mayor addresses his short and long-term vision for real estate in the area.

Jeff Van de Vorst promotional

Jeff Van de Vorst, President, Guelph and District Association of REALTORS®
Who’s looking after the real estate interests of the general public? Of course individuals are responsible for their own properties but more voices together can act as a lobby to ensure that the interests of property owners are heard. Find out what The Guelph and District Association of REALTORS® and the real estate industry is doing to lobby the government to keep costs down and property values stable.

Christopher Bisson promotional

Christopher Bisson, MBA, Mortgage Broker/Partner, The Mortgage Centre (CRS Inc.)
Do you want to know how mortgage rates are set and what the announcements by the Bank of Canada mean for mortgage rates? The Federal Reserve is increasing their interest rates, should Canada follow what the USA is doing considering our economies are different? A local economist will unpack the forecast for mortgage rates in 2016 and if a variable or fixed rate mortgage is the way to go and why.

Erica McLerie promotional

Erica McLerie, Senior Market Analyst, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
CMHC has a stockpile of detailed, relevant and timely information on the real estate market. Be the first to see and understand the forecast for the local market. Ms. McLerie will also discuss opportunities and threats for those buying their first home to borrowers who own multiple and complex investment portfolios. Are the alarms around the real estate bubble true, who should be concerned if there is a market correction?

For more information on The Real Estate Pulse Conference and The Mortgage Centre visit us at www.skipthebank.ca

University and College students free with ticket and valid ID – not available online, call the Box Office to order.

Everyone must have a ticket, including children. Infants will not be admitted during this event.

No refunds offered for this event.

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