Terry Barber

Terry Barber Promotional

January 13 to 15, 2015

Grades 7 and 8

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According to Terry Barber, “Everyone loves classical music – they just don’t know it yet!” Hearing the astounding voice of this internationally acclaimed countertenor offers students an introduction to some of the greatest music of the Western world. Whether performing opera, jazz or popular favourites, he breathes new life into songs through his extraordinarily broad vocal range, technical proficiency, and delicate phrasing.


Information for Teachers

About Terry

  • He is an international musician who has been a soloist in many major halls around the world, including Carnegie Hall and Metropolitan Opera in New York
  • He has a Master of Music degree in vocal performance
  • He was a member of the Grammy-winning male vocal ensemble Chanticleer
  • He’s appeared on award-winning recordings with pop stars like Madonna.
  • He’s equally at home in classical music, opera, jazz and pop.

About His Voice

This performance is all about singing and how a countertenor can use his unique voice to interpret many different styles of music.

He is a countertenor, which refers to a classical male singer whose vocal range is equivalent to that of the female contralto or mezzo-soprano. Countertenors usually have a very wide vocal range – which allows them to sing as baritones and tenors as well, but mostly they will sing in the upper register.

Pre-Show Tips

Ask your students to pay attention to how Terry uses his voice to communicate the character and narrative of different songs.

Vocal range – how high and how low can his voice go?

Breathe control – listen for how he controls his breathing to create long or short musical lines.

Vibrato – Listen for he makes use of vibrato to colour his sounds. A vibrato is like a vocal wobble – a slight variation of pitch resulting from the free oscillation of the vocal cord.

Musical styles – Name the different musical styles (classical, opera, jazz, pop)

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